Giving your baby an Enema

Young mothers with great trepidation relate to the question of how to do an enema of the baby. Small children under three years of age, and especially babies, can be given an enema only by coordinating this issue with a doctor.

In which cases you will need to give enema to the baby

The most common cause for an enema is constipation. This problem is quite common in infants, especially those who are breast-fed. If the child does not go to the toilet for two or three days, becomes restless, sleeps poorly, cries, then you should try to change the diet, massage the tummy, etc. If there is no result, you have to resort to an enema.

An enema is prescribed to a child in the event that poisoning of the body has occurred, and its purification is necessary.

This certainly useful and, in principle, a simple procedure should be performed correctly so as not to cause unpleasant sensations in the child, let alone pain, and give a positive result.

Instructions for an enema procedure for babies

• It is necessary to boil a pear, and then prepare a boiled hearth for an enema, the temperature of which should not exceed 28 degrees. A sufficient volume of injected fluid for the baby will be approximately 100 ml. It is advisable that the can is completely filled to prevent air from entering.

• The tip of the pear, which should be rubber for infants, is lubricated with liquid paraffin.

• Spread oilcloth and cover with a diaper on top. The baby should be laid on the back, and the legs raised up.

• Squeeze the pear to squeeze out excess air, and then introduce it without any effort by 3-5 cm, then slowly begin to squeeze the can.

• After the liquid has been introduced, gently squeeze the buttocks of the baby and remove the pear without opening it to prevent reverse absorption.

• The buttocks should be kept tight for another minute, and then, after a couple of minutes, the child will defecate.

• If after 15-20 minutes the stomach has not acted, or the water has left without feces, then the procedure is repeated.

Having mastered the experience and understanding how to make an enema, you should not resort to this procedure too often, because despite the tangible help provided by the enema, you should not get used to it, and the intestines should learn to work independently.

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