Fenistil for babies

Fenistil for babies is one of the safest medicines to eliminate the symptoms of allergies. Indicated for babies from 1 month of age.

The use of fenistil in infants

Indications for the use of fenistil for infants are allergic manifestations of the body, for example, urticaria, rash, allergic rhinitis, Quincke’s edema. Fenistil is also used to eliminate itching in such infectious diseases that are accompanied by a rash such as rubella, measles, chickenpox. This drug relieves itching and flushing with insect bites. Experts recommend fenistil to be given after vaccination in connection with the likelihood of an allergic reaction.

Prescribe fenistil for infants from 3-10 drops from 1 to 3 times a day. The product is diluted in a small volume of water at room temperature.

Side effects of fenistil

This is hyper excitability, insomnia, pain in the head, difficulty breathing. Conversely, drowsiness and lethargy are possible.

Symptoms of an overdose of fenistil

Severe drowsiness or agitation, convulsions, hallucinations, palpitations, low blood pressure, hyperemia of the face, no urination. First aid for overdose is aimed at immediate withdrawal of the drug from the body. Gastric lavage measures are being taken, cause vomiting, give absorbent substances and laxative, symptomatic medications. Therefore, the use of fenistil should be embodied as prescribed by a specialist. Only he will determine the number of receptions and days of therapy.

Fenistil for infants is not possible with hypersensitivity, the first month of life, glaucoma, renal failure, premature babies.

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