Feeding the baby on when travelling on Airplane:

When travelling with a baby, you need to be very careful while packing. We recommend, you carry a few extra bottles than required, just in case of delays.

Getting the Bottle ready for the baby:

Use premeasured formula sachets. Enfamil have these. This will make your life easy. Mix the premeasured baby formula & water and you are good to feed your baby.

In case your baby needs warm milk, you can carry a bottle warmer. You can plug it in at the air hostess counter. If you are not carrying bottle warmer, ask the air hostess for hot water. Carry a vessel with you which will fit the bottle. Dip the bottle in the hot water in the vessel. This will warm the milk for the baby. Check the temperature before feeding the baby.

Incase, you are carrying breast milk stored with cold packs, you will need to warm it up for the baby. As mentioned above, wither warm it up in a bottle warmer, or use the hot water available on-flight.

Packing list when travelling on plane with baby:

Sterilizing Baby Bottle while travelling on Airplane:

In case you need to clean the bottle, when on flight, request the flight attendant to give you boiling water. They do have kettles which they use while serving tea and coffee. Clean the bottle, cap and nipple with boiling water and bottle brush. Be careful while cleaning as the space is airplanes is limited and you are dealing with boiling water. You may clean they at the air hostess counter. You can carry a bottle sterilizer. You can plug at the airhostess counter.

Do ask the air hostess for help when needed. Airlines are very cooperative with passengers travelling with babies. They will do their best to make you and your baby comfortable.

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