Dill Water Recipe for Newborns

Dill water will help a newborn get rid of abdominal pain

In newborn children, colic and abdominal pain are often observed, and this is quite normal, since the baby’s stomach needs to be changed from intrauterine nutrition to mother feeding. It is important for parents to know that colic in the abdomen appears in the baby somewhere after 2 weeks of life, so at this time the child can often cry and tug at the legs.

Despite the usual process of the appearance of gases in the intestines of the child, which cannot be released in the usual way, each mother begins to worry and wants to help her baby get rid of pain. One of the effective ways to treat colic is dill water, which is absolutely harmless to the body. Many grandmothers used to brew dill seeds for a newborn, which helped to relieve pain from the child, and now in pharmacies began to sell dill water. It is not easy to find it, because it is made in those pharmacies where medicines and tinctures are prescribed.

It is important to know that dill water, which is sold in pharmacies, is made from a 0.1% solution of fennel oil, which is a medical dill. In addition to dill water, babies can also be given special medications, which can definitely be found in any pharmacy. If there is a desire to make healing water with your own hands, below is a recipe for dill water for newborns, which will quickly help to make it at home.

The recipe for dill water for newborns

To make dill water, it is enough to take chopped fennel in a pharmacy, pour 2-3 grams of a glass of boiling water and after 30 minutes it can be used. Dill water can be added to a tablespoon in milk or infant formula so that the child begins to take this medicine.

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