Cold hands in the baby

All parents with a small child in the family are concerned about his health. Very often they are troubled by the cold hands of the baby.

Causes of cold hands in the baby

Basically, there are several causes of baby’s cold hands.

One of them is cold. If the baby is cold, then he will definitely have cold arms and legs, but it is also necessary to check the chest, stomach, back, nose and cheeks of the child, if they are cool, then the child will definitely freeze. He will signal this in every way. The kid will begin to cry loudly with a cry, whimper and hiccup.

The second reason, as you know, not all parents know and understand. Due to the fact that the baby’s blood does not saturate the limbs intensively, the temperature of the arms and legs differs from the body temperature. But parents should not be afraid of this, because the regulation of the heat of the child’s body stabilizes after a few months (for each this happens at different times, for some earlier, for others later).

Another cause may be anemia or decreased hemoglobin. In this case, a pale skin tone, lethargy and drowsiness are added to the symptom of cold hands, appetite may be impaired.

What can be done to keep the baby’s arms warm?

If the baby is freezing, then it is urgent to change the baby’s clothes to warmer. To keep the baby warm faster, you can put a naked baby to the naked body of the mother and cover herself with a warm blanket. This method helps to quickly warm the baby.

The cold hands of a small baby who is calm and feeling good can be warmed with massage. To do this, carefully massage each finger, palm and the back of the child’s hand, and then rub the hand itself on the outside from the hand to the shoulder. In the same way, the feet of the baby are heated.

With low hemoglobin, it is necessary to take tests as soon as possible to prevent complications or to start treatment on time.

In any case, regardless of the causes of the cold hands of the baby, parents need to consult a specialist.

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