Cleaning and Sterilizing baby bottles

Babies have low immunity. Hence it is essential to sterilize baby feeding bottles.

Cleaning Baby Bottle:

Wash your hands before cleaning the bottles. After feeding the baby, check the nipple if it has developed any cracks. Then, clean the bottle, lid and nipple with soap and water. Use a bottle brush to clean the bottle.  Though the bottle is cleaned, there may be germs that are not visible to our eyes. Hence, it is highly recommend to sterilize the baby bottle before every use.

Sterilizing baby feeding bottles:

Sterilizing the bottles will make a bottles germ free. Sterilizations kills the germs on the bottle, cap and nipple. Sterilizing can be done by using boiling water or by using sterilisers available in the market.

Sterilizing baby bottle by boiling:

Place the cleaned bottle, cap and nipple in a large saucepan or vessel. Fill the vessel with water so that the bottle is fully immersed in water. Put the water on stove and bring the water to boil. Let the bottle, cap and teat be in boiling water for 5 minutes. Later, place the bolles, cap and teat on a clean dry place. Use the bottle within a day.

Sterilizing baby bottles by using sterilizers in the market:

Clean the bottles thoroughly before putting them in sterilizers. Follow the instructions on the steriliser to sterilize the baby feeding bottles.

Sterilizing the bottles in Dishwasher.

Place the cleaned bottle, cap and nipple in dishwasher. Some dishwasher have sterilize option in which heat and steam is used to sterilize. Use this setting to sterilize the bottle, cap and nipple.

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