How to become a perfect babysitter? 10 “verified” tips

How to become a perfect babysitter? If you have recently started working as a babysitter, here is the advice of an expert babysitter for you. Tips and small “tricks of the trade” to create a good relationship with children and parents. How to be appreciated by parents? How to win the affection and respect of children? If you have … Read more

Babysitting: 10 mistakes you should never make

Okay, you got the job. During the interview, the parents ascertained that you have sufficient experience, are competent, are passionate about children, dress appropriately and, perhaps, you are also nice. Well don’t relax, exams never end! A parent never stops evaluating your behavior. So, how about putting these helpful babysitting tips into practice?  Babysitting is a job.  Like any job, … Read more

top10 reasons why you should babysit

The habit of working already while studying, to have some extra money available without asking mom and dad, is spreading more and more in Italy, as is already the case in other countries. Babysitting can be the right part-time job for late high school or college students. Do you have any doubts? Find out with us why babysitting … Read more

Babysitter guide. Why does the child bite? What do I do?

Many children bite, especially in the 1-3 year age group. Children who bite in kindergarten, children who bite their mother. The problem is widespread, yet few things cause more discomfort and embarrassment. So, what to do if you babysit a biter or your child bites? At the park, the child plays quietly, in an atmosphere of serenity. Suddenly you … Read more

The child does not listen to me. What to do?

“Put your shoes on, it’s time to go out”. You repeat it once, twice, three times but nothing … the child does not listen. If it happens too often, maybe it depends on what you say. Or since when you say it. Let’s see why children don’t listen and what you can do to make yourself heard. Does the child not … Read more

Babysitter guide: the child throws everything on the floor. What I do?

Why does the child throw everything on the floor? What will he want to tell me with this behavior? What can I do? If these doubts are bothering you too, read on. We will discover together the reasons for a behavior that is actually common to many children and that generally corresponds to a specific stage of growth.  If … Read more

Babysitter guide: how to manage children’s whims?

The child is having a tantrum and what are you doing? The typical reaction is to try to stay calm and try them all – alternating prayers, promises and threats – with the result that you get nervous and the child continues the tantrum. So is there a better way to handle children’s whims? The whims are … Read more

Babysitter guide: What to do when the child has difficult to handle behavior

Here is our little babysitter guide for dealing with some “difficult” behaviors of children. Because babysitting is a wonderful job, but children aren’t always little angels! And when they bite, throw things, throw tantrums, don’t listen to you, it’s important to know what to do. The first rule for dealing with tantrums and other difficult behaviors is, … Read more

Baby sitting guide: 15 baby games. 0 to 12 months

Baby games are serious business. Not only because entertaining a newborn helps baby sitter and mother first of all to pass the time pleasantly, but also and above all because the game has the function of supporting, guiding, stimulating the motor and cognitive development of the child. If you are a new mother, you will enjoy doing an activity with … Read more

10 Games to play in a Carnival party

If you have organized a Carnival party for children , or someone else has organized it but the animation is up to you, better prepare first. To help you we have prepared a small list of Carnival games for children. These are games with masks, or games that we have adapted a little to the spirit of the party. And … Read more