Checklist to “Child-Proof” your home

Once your little angle starts crawling, baby-proofing your home is a must. You never know what the little one will get her hands on. Baby-proofing home is to make it safe for the baby.

Checklist for baby proofing your home:

  1. Generally Dish wash Liquids, washing detergents are kept in under sink cabinets. Move these to top cabinets
  2. Latch the cupboard / cabinets that have items that can be potentially harmful to the baby.
  3. Install safety gates to rooms that should be out of reach to the baby.
  4. Unused electric sockets should have childproof covers.
  5. Electric cords should be out of reach from the baby. Any dangling electric cords may secured in place by tape.
  6. Use corner and side guards to prevent the baby from being hurt due to furniture edge or corners.
  7. Put the toilet seat down and secure it with lid lock.
  8. Make sure that the medicine box and vitamins are kept out of reach of the baby.
  9. Confirm that the plants in your home are not harmful to the baby.
  10. Babies tend to put everything in the mouth. Make sure small articles like buttons, beads, clips are not lying around.  
  11. There should be no plastic bags accessible to the baby as there can be choking hazard.
  12. Move tall floor lamps behind furniture.
  13. Secure or latch refrigerator and freezer door.

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