Baby’s Chin Shakes – Is it Dangerous

Young mothers are very scared when they see that the chin in a newborn is shaking. The questions immediately arise: “is it dangerous?”, “What are the reasons?”, “How long can this last?” In fact, in infants this happens quite often.

Is it dangerous when the chin shakes?

Most often it is not dangerous. The human body develops up to 20 years and longer. When a baby was just born, its organs still cannot function in full force.

The main causes that cause muscle twitching (tremor): – nervous system; – endocrine system. The undeveloped nervous system in infants is very sensitive and actively reacts to various kinds of stimuli, and babies still do not know how to coordinate their movements.

Endocrine system: when the infant is emotionally excited by the adrenal glands, an excess of norepinephrine is released, which puts an additional burden on the still immature nerve centers of the baby in the brain, which are responsible for movements. Therefore, up to three months, if the chin is shaking in the baby, pathology is not considered!

What symptoms can be dangerous with chin tremors in infants?

Tremor (“trembling” – translated from Latin, the verb – “shake”) is an alarming symptom if: – a child is older than 3 months; – tremor appears when the child is calm, without emotional or physical stress; – trembling begins to spread to the head.

Of course, any manifestation of tremor should be reported to the pediatrician. It is better to be examined by a neurologist on time than to treat an advanced form of the disease later. A child may grow up nervous, worry over trifles, lag behind in development, speech problems may appear. At an early age, the disease is easier to treat.

If the chin shakes in the baby, the neurologist usually prescribes soothing herbs and bathing, a relaxing massage. In more serious cases, antihypoxant treatment is prescribed – these are drugs that improve the supply of oxygen to cells. Any treatment, especially babies, should be prescribed by a doctor and carried out under his supervision.

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