Atopic dermatitis in infants: causes and treatment

In the first year of life, a newborn will face many troubles. The most common of the troubles is an allergic reaction called diathesis. In fact, the diagnosis of diathesis does not exist. In medical practice, such rashes are called atopic dermatitis. What are the main causes, symptoms and methods of treating atopic dermatitis in infants? Causes of Atopic … Read more

Laxative for infants

It is very difficult to give birth to a healthy child, but the tests of the parents do not end there. In the first months of life, babies suffer from constipation, as the bowels are tuned. As a rule, digestion problems lead to the fact that the child is restless and gives trouble to parents. There just can … Read more

Orthopedic pillow for babies

Manufacturers of orthopedic pillows for babies undoubtedly talk about its benefits to the baby. It is intended for the proper development of the cervical spine in a child, taking into account the features of their anatomy. But is it? Theoretically, there is nothing harmful for the development of the child in the pillow, but the orthopedists agree in … Read more

The baby has bruises under her eyes

Such a phenomenon as bruising under the eyes of an infant can occur for several reasons. And in order to eliminate this problem and prevent its occurrence, it is worthwhile to understand directly its possible causes. Causes of bruising under the eyes of the baby So, the first thing to emphasize is that such symptoms are … Read more

Infants have pimples on their faces

In case the baby has pimples on her face, mothers begin to worry about what it is. And in order to understand what kind of pimples on the baby’s face, you need to read this article. What pimples on the face of an infant can be? Any newborn baby has very delicate and sensitive skin, as … Read more

White lumps in the feces of a baby

A newborn can not say about his feelings and preferences. He can only scream. And a young, and also inexperienced, mother can not always recognize the cause of crying by intonation. That is why she begins to study the contents of the diaper and, based on what she saw, draw some conclusions. First you need to find out which … Read more

Fenistil for babies

Fenistil for babies is one of the safest medicines to eliminate the symptoms of allergies. Indicated for babies from 1 month of age. The use of fenistil in infants Indications for the use of fenistil for infants are allergic manifestations of the body, for example, urticaria, rash, allergic rhinitis, Quincke’s edema. Fenistil is also used to eliminate … Read more

How to collect feces and urine from a baby

Having often become parents for the first time, young mom and dad are forced to regularly encounter new questions for themselves and constantly replenish their knowledge in order to find answers to them. For example, such seemingly simple questions about “how to collect urine?” or “how to collect feces in infants?” they put young parents at a standstill, … Read more

The baby redness on Cheeks

A slight blush on the baby’s face is considered a sign of good health. However, you should distinguish between a healthy glow and pronounced redness on the cheeks. If the baby has red cheeks, the first thing to do is to analyze what caused this change. Causes of redness on the cheeks of the baby The most … Read more

Infant Rotavirus Infection

Rotavirus infection in infants is a rather tricky disease, which the child is able to catch both with direct (airborne) contact and, for example, through objects that have been in a virus-infected environment, such as toys, clothes, bottles. The main symptoms (signs) of rotavirus infection. It all starts with a sharp jump in temperature to 38-40 degrees, which … Read more