7 reasons babysitting is a great summer job

Are you looking for a summer student job? Babysitting is probably the one for you, much better than other solutions. Do you want to know how? Keep reading!

After school or exams, lots of free time and a great desire to earn some money. But how to do it? Babysitting may be the answer. During the summer many families are looking for a babysitter for the holidays to keep the child busy during the long days without school. If you are looking for a student summer job, babysitting might be a good idea. For 10 reasons.

1 It is easy to find

As we said, the summer especially the months of June and July there is a lot of demand. After school, parents have to juggle babysitting or summer camp . Consider that even those families who may not need them in winter are looking for babysitters. And that’s where you come in, and in no time you can find the ideal summer job for boys.

2 You earn well

Do you have an idea how much babysitting is earned? Not cheap: you can earn from 6 to 10 era per hour, depending on the place and your experience with children. Sure, it’s a lot more than you earn from delivering dinners on your bike, and a lot less tiring. For that too, it’s a great summer job for students.

3 You have little or no upfront costs

Did you know that many food delivery agencies ask you to advance up to 80 euros to rent the materials you need, and that in the end, even when you return everything, they keep a part of it? On the other hand, if you want to babysit as a seasonal job, there are online agencies that allow you to look for babysitting work for free. 

4 Babysitting is also a summer job for underage students

If you are a minor, it is much easier to find a seasonal babysitting job than to find a job in a local. And do you know why? Because while the law says that it is possible to babysit at 16, it  prohibits minors from selling and administering alcohol, for obvious reasons to protect their health.

5 It can be turned into a summer job abroad or a vacation

You don’t realize how many families are looking for a babysitter for the summer holidays . Even simply to accompany the family and give mum and dad a little refreshment once in a while, let the children eat, accompany them to the zoo while their parents are in the museum. You leave with them and you also find yourself taking a vacation, at sea or abroad. Maybe you can leave as a babysitter in exchange for room and board.

6 It can be transformed into a continuous chore

Okay, babysitting is the perfect job for high school or college students during the summer. But who told you that it can’t become your way of earning some money even during the winter? There are so many reasons why babysitting is an ideal student part-time job .

7 You can assert your skills

Sorry, but instead of making coffee at the bar, isn’t it better to have a job where your studies can be useful? During the summer holidays many families are looking for a babysitter – homework help , to help the children with their summer vacation homework .