10 Games to play in a Carnival party

If you have organized a Carnival party for children , or someone else has organized it but the animation is up to you, better prepare first. To help you we have prepared a small list of Carnival games for children. These are games with masks, or games that we have adapted a little to the spirit of the party. And we divided them into two groups: Carnival games to play with a large group of children, and Carnival activities suitable for small groups, two or three children.

Carnival games for parties with many children

The following 10 games are suitable for Carnival animation: that is, they are designed for parties with several children and are suitable (or adaptable) for children aged 3 to 10. After this age, you are more likely to find yourself throwing a Halloween party !

1. Reginella of Carnival

The carnival variant of the classic children’s game. Do you remember the three steps as a lion, as a shrimp, as an ant? Well here the Little Queen will ask for three steps from Batman, or from Elsa from Frozen, or from Bear (from Masha). Whoever is caught still in motion by the Reginella when he turns back to the starting point whoever arrives first to touch the Reginella wins.

2. Race of streamers

Get a large box, and several packs of different colored streamers. Divide the children into teams and give each team stars of a certain color. Then start the music: the children will have to blow the stars and try to get them to end up in the box. Stop to the music, and the team that has hit the box several times wins. 

3. Mime of the masks

The mime game becomes a carnival game. Instead of miming movies or cartoons, this time one of the masks present is mimicked, in turn!

4. Masked ball and spoon

Perfect game for Carnival animation: each child receives a spoon and a ping pong ball to take to their destination. On the path you have established, every now and then there is a stop and a piece of costume to wear without dropping the ball. You decide, depending on the age of the children, the level of difficulty and whether to give a little help. Children try their hand at the path one at a time. The winner is the one who reaches the goal with the most “accessories” and in the shortest time (and without having dropped the ball, obviously). The game becomes more fun if someone takes pictures, which they can then review all together. 

5. The piñata

The classic of Carnival games for children and not: the piñata or the pentolaccia. Build a  DIY piñata and fill it with candy and chocolate. Hang it where it doesn’t hurt and let the kids take a swipe with the broom stick. The time will come when the piñata breaks and… a shower of sweets for everyone!

6. Clown dartboard

Together with the children, to prepare for the party, draw the face of a clown or other carnival mask with its mouth wide open on a nice large card. Then color and cut out the mouth, so as to leave a nice wide opening. At the time of playing, each child will have to throw their balls and hit the clown’s mouth. The game is more fun if all the children pull together: you no longer understand who won, but the storm of balls makes you laugh!

7. Confetti mosaic

Carnival game for children who love jobs and for homes where you are not afraid of getting dirty (and cleaning afterwards) Spread a nice large sheet of paper on the floor. A paper tablecloth is fine too, as long as you tape it to the floor. Then, with the children, draw figures, only with the lines of a felt-tip pen. Give each child a glue stick and let him color the figures with confetti, like making a mosaic. This activity is nice because it adapts to the age of children: if they are small the figures will be simple and the result more funny, if they are large they will try their hand at perfectionism.

8. Find the couple

Put various pairs of objects in a nice large basket, the ideal is that they are costume parts or in any case themed Carnival: two identical masks, two pairs of fake mustaches, two funny hats, two super-glittered princess bracelets … the music and throws the children all together to try to recompose the pairs of objects. 30 seconds and stop the music: the winner is the one who managed to form more pairs.

9. Boiling mask

You know the hot potato game? Here, in the Carnival game version we will have masks instead of potatoes. How to play? Buy a few paper masks and a single black or white one, depending on what you find. Have the children sit in a circle and play the music. Children must quickly pass the masks clockwise. At regular intervals, stop the music: whoever finds himself in the white (or black) mask leaves the game. 

10. The game of Carnival masks

Our roundup of Carnival games for kids closes with another revisited classic. This time it’s a variation of the chair game. In our case, we will have as many masks as there are children minus one. Collect them all in the center of the room, perhaps on a rug. Then throw the music and let the children dance for a while. When the music stops, everyone has to try to grab a mask and whoever is left without … goes out (but you prepare a remio of consolation)!

A good way to end the games in joy is the parade of masks. However, you will have to invent many categories as the children are participating, so that all children have a prize: the most beautiful princess, the most original DIY Carnival costume , the best face painting and so on, according to what your imagination suggests you.